What is #bettermeyv

We want to see how you can be a better you.

Inspiring ourselves and our friends to be awesome, To be hardworking,

To be healthy, To be in control of our lives.

Staying above the influence.

Not letting the alcohol and tobacco companies impact us and our decisions.

Making our own choices, and not submitting to peer pressure.

Being the best we can be.

So – show us! Show us how you can be a better you!

Take picture of you and your friends doing what you love and upload your photos to Instagram using #bettermeyv

We’ll pick our favorites from around the Yampa Valley. The ones that make us smile, the ones that inspire us, the ones that capture our attention…

And who knows… we might just surprise a few of you by featuring your picture around town.

So, be sure to follow bettermeyv on Instagram and remember… the hashtag is #bettermeyv

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